Monday, February 4, 2013

Bird House Project

Theme: How can you study a given bird, and design a suitable house for them?  How can you design and build a creative house for a client, the bird?

Assignment: Your assignment is a 3-stage process introducing the idea of scale drawings, models, and final product design.  You will be learning the basic layout of a daily designers process while creatively designing a birdhouse.  The process is focused on the following stages.
Step 1: Scale Drawing
You will have to sketch out a design for your birdhouse in your sketchbook based on the bird you are building a house for.  When you get your design to a point that you are happy with, you will then do a Scale Drawing of your birdhouse on graph paper.  This drawing will be using a new tool, a scale ruler, and be showing the front, back, side, top, and bottom view.  The benefit of these drawings is to help you process your project on a two dimensional surface.
Step 2: Model
When you have your scale drawing approved, you will move to the next step, creating a model.  Your model will be constructed with cardboard and tape.  This model will allow you to cut out each individual piece to your bird’s house.  You can construct the birdhouse to its final form with tape, and then the tape will allow you to deconstruct it into basic shapes. (Cutting perfect shapes becomes VERY important to this project).
Step 3: Final Product
The Final Product (birdhouse) will be copied off of the cardboard shapes and forms that you have constructed/deconstructed in step 2.  At this point you should have a firm grasp on what your birdhouse will look like, how it will be built, and how much wood material you need to complete your house.  Taking the dimensions from the cardboard models will allow you a seamless transition into the wood stage.  You will learn how to use basic wood working tools and basic joining methods.  This stage is the final stage that will leave you with your basic wooden house.  When this is completed you will think about how to paint it or add things to it in the post-production stage.

Scale Ruler- A specialized ruler used in creating reduced scaled drawings.
Models- Scaled down replications of a final product.
Addition- Meaning building up, assembling, or putting on material.
Manipulation- Shaping materials by hand.
Mass- Physical bulk of a solid body of material.
Mobile- A moving sculpture that is balanced to create a sculpture.
Kinetic- To move of be affected by wind, water, or movement.
Repetition- The use of multiple things in a project.
Rhythm- Continual flow through a project using line or shape.
Scale- The overall size in comparison to oneself, standard sizing or normal.
Proportion- Size in relation to others, Larger arm on small body.
Subtraction- Carving of cutting away of materials.
Volume- A measurable area of defined or occupied space.

Sketchbook, Pencil, Graphing Paper, Scale Ruler, Cardboard, Tape, MDF Board, Glue,

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